Advertising Video Wall

Key Features

4K Video Wall Resolution
0.88mm seamless screens
24*7 working hours
Wide Viewing Angle
High Resolution
Super Flexible LCD video wall controller
Lifetime up to 100,000 hours

An LCD video wall is an excellent customer engagement strategy where online on-premise and on-mobile retail experiences are delivered. As a retailer, you are always seeking innovative ways to engage with your existing as well as potential customers with the objective of them being a loyal and regular buyer. 

See your message displayed bold, bright and big. Digital Signage’s LCD video wall systems are an ideal solution for a demanding space-constrained control room. With a seamless gap, displaying your content crystal-clear in terms of colour, quality, and in full resolution. Built with high quality and incredible colour depth and contrast, Digital Signage delivers the best LCD video wall solutions available in High Definition Resolution and in different panel sizes. Get the best viewing experience of a stable working statue with our industrial LCD panel imported from Samsung and LG, that supports 24*7 working hours.

Characteristics of ENO video walls

  • Ultra-high definition: The screens created by ENO reach 3,840 pixels x 2,160 pixels (4K resolution). Each screen of our professional in incredible 4K will be able to grow as much as your project needs.
  • Built for professional use: High-strength structures built for professional use that facilitate safe screens handling and easy installation.
  • High-performance LCD screen: At ENO we guarantee the industrial-grade LCD panel for 24-hour power on. Lifetime up to 100,000 hours

Higher Viewing Angle and IPS technology

The professional video wall has a uniform video quality thanks to the viewing angle superior to conventional screens, which allows you to show more vivid colors on the screen, without distortions or image noise with the highest resolution on the market in the United Arab Emirates.

IPS panel technology enables higher performance on liquid crystal displays, allowing the screen to be viewed from any angle.

Image gap smart control

This product includes special software direct from the factory that improves the image by reducing the gaps between screens when playing digital content.

A perfect reproduction for traffic and security control centers, broadcasting of sporting events and many more professional applications in the most advanced technology on the market.

Commercial applications of a video wall

These professional LCD screens are used in shopping malls, exhibition stands, stadiums, cultural events or public entertainment. Thanks to its excellent brightness, sharpness, low power consumption and high durability, it is the right medium for viewing large content.

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