LCD Digital Advertising Screen

Key Features

Ultra-thin and ultra-thin design, with aluminium frame and tempered glass.
Industrial performance, high protection, elegance in design.
Wireless connectivity for content management.
High-quality Full HD and 4K resolution.
High contrast and wide viewing angle, especially for commercial windows.
Professional audio, video and data inputs.
High durability handling and assembly frame, perfect for the rental market.
Continuous work 7×24 hours with a useful life of up to 60,000 hours.

You can buy the best digital advertising display in Dubai and all of the United Arab Emirates. Our LCD Digital Screen has the most refined design, professional technology for continuous work and an industrial structure with the best market price.

The Indoor Digital Advertising Screen is the best option for all types of businesses that need to communicate effectively. This LCD screen has high brightness for indoor use and a high resolution of up to 4K, which will enhance the presentation of brand content.

ENO’s engineering team designed every detail of our indoor LCD digital advertising display for the best performance. High luminosity of up to 700 nits in Full HD or 4K resolution will translate into the best image quality that a Digital Signage display can offer in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East.

Opportunities for LCD Digital Advertising Screen.

The LCD Indoor Digital Advertising Screen offers excellent multimedia support so that the contents are displayed with the highest quality. Our displays can be managed using Android or Windows technology or directly from a USB/HDMI connection.

Show high-quality content in Shopping Centers, Hotels and Restaurants.

Digital content in hotels to welcome their customers. LCD screens to generate a more comfortable environment in Restaurants and Cafeterias. Commercial signage in Shopping Centers is managed from a content management system in the cloud.

Our screens have the best cost/benefit ratio in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East.

Create advertising and promotional campaigns in retail stores.

Stores and businesses have new LCD screens for their promotional campaigns at their disposal. Your content teams will be able to manage audiovisual projects in an agile and simple way.

We have industrial quality advertising screens at the best prices. Pantallas profesionales tienen un brillo de hasta 700 nits y la mejor calidad de imagen en resolución Full HD y 4K.

LCD screens up to 98 inches in conference rooms.

Digital screens with high brightness and industrial structure are perfect for meeting rooms, office design and conference rooms.

Professional brightness of up to 700 nits, wide viewing angles and advanced connectivity make this professional LCD the best choice for corporate environments.

Installation of giant LCD screens for management rooms.

Bring the professional grade to control rooms and monitoring projects. With professional video inputs and sizes up to 96 inches, the LCD Advertising Display will handle this task perfectly.

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Main Characteristics of Advertising Screens

  • Screen Size: 32”, 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85” and 96” inches
  • LCD screen brightness: 400 nits and 700 nits
  • Screen resolution: Full HD and 4K at the best price.
  • Audiovisual inputs: HDMI and USB
  • Connectivity: LAN/Wi-Fi and optional 4G
  • Interactivity: Touch screen with ten pressure points.

FAQ - Digital Advertising Screen

What happens if a client asks us for a standard television screen for a store?
  • "Standard" screens have much lower brightness (250 nits) versus the 700 nits of an advertising screen designed to attract attention.
  • Standard screens are also not designed to work for continuous periods, nor do they have as long a useful life as advertising screens.

Image gallery

The ultimate Perimeter LED Screen project in Spain