Double Sided Screen

Key Features

Manufacturing materials of the best quality.
Independent content presentation on each side
Ultra-thin bezel with a stylish design.
Advanced connectivity HDMI, USB, LAN, Wi-Fi and optional 4G.
You can hide the electronics in the installation.
Steel cables for installation are included in the price.
The thinnest advertising monitor on the market.
Vertical and horizontal orientation.
Available in kiosk version.
High brightness up to 2500 nits on the outer side.

We continue to innovate with our technology in advertising screens. The new double-sided LCD screen is for professional use in digital signage for the most sophisticated stores.

At just 21 millimetres thick, the ultra-slim LCD double-sided screen is ideal for many businesses, with an inner side of 500 nits and an outer side of up to 2,500 nits.

The versatility of this LCD screen allows it to be installed vertically and horizontally. For installation on the ceiling, steel guy ropes are used.

Give your business design and style with the double-sided LCD screen and resolution of up to 4K with different content.

Digital Signage Projects – ENO Double-Sided Ultra Slim LCD Display.

Double-sided ultra-slim LCD screens with a thickness of 21 millimetres are perfect for projects in:

Shopping Centers, Hotels and Museums, and Department Stores.

HD video indoors and store windows to promote all kinds of products. The most elegant commercial video experience with structures anchored to the ceiling.

Showrooms and Trade Shows

ENO’s exclusive double-sided LCD screens are innovative and have a minimalist and sophisticated touch.

FAQ - Double Sided Ultra Slim LCD Screen.

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