Mirror LCD Advertising Screens

Key Features

Distraction-Free Design
Seamless Mirror and Content Transition
Easy Content Control
Enhanced Connectivity Options
Easy Installation
Built-in Mirror
Advanced Mirror Display Technology

A Captivating Mirror-Hybrid Display

ENO Digital Signage’s mirror display technology creates a more engaging and informative customer experience by combining the power of digital signage with the visual clarity of a traditional mirror. Featuring high reflectance, the LCD glass display clearly portrays both real-time imagery and complementary content with minimal visual impairment. Through improved visual accuracy, the mirror LCD glass display can serve as a valuable sales tool at a hotel lobby or a shopping complex washroom that persuades and informs customers.

Clearer, More Visible Presentation

The unique composition of ENO Digital Signage’s mirror display technology offers consumers a more realistic and complete product view. Featuring a polarized film overlay, the mirror LCD glass display delivers superb transmittance and advance reflectance that reduces visual distraction. As a result, customers enjoy a clearer and more vivid content as compared to a standard half-and-half mirror format.

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