Mirror LCD Advertising

Key Features

Aluminium alloy frame, ultra-thin appearance and elegant design.
80mm thick.
The brightness is 400 nits (restaurants, dressing rooms) and 700 nits (opticians or pharmacies).
Integrated sensor with motion.
Android, 2GB RAM and 8GB.
Speakers included: A powerful audiovisual solution thanks to its speakers that will attract attention due to their high sound quality.
The advertisement will automatically be placed in the upper corner of the mirror, allowing its regular use, like a mirror, without inconvenience to the user.
It has a narrow frame of only a few millimeters on each side.
Support for updating content and maintenance via wireless.
The ultra-thin LCD screen highlights Full HD quality.
Vertical and horizontal configuration for content presentation.
The LCD panel includes a metal frame, internal CPU and remote control (Android).

Our LCD Smart Mirror Screen is the trend in interactivity in Fashion Stores, Opticians and any business with customer service. This technology allows digital advertising in Full HD; customers can simultaneously interact and try the product.

Its features include a built-in motion detection sensor and an adjustable distance from 1 to 3 meters. In addition, its automatic sensor shows the content on full screen, which turns off when the user approaches the mirror.

Our Mirror LCD Advertising Screen is extraordinary for:

Smart Homes and IoT mirrors for bathrooms.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can bring high technology to homes thanks to intelligent mirrors.

With its Android system and Wi-Fi connectivity, it creates applications that extend the functionality of the smart home. Design innovative spaces in bathrooms and other areas that display information and content.

Interactive spaces in Restaurants, Clubs, and Hotels.

With our LCD Mirror advertising screen in seconds, you can show valuable content to your customers. With its Full HD screen, you can deliver quality content and create successful marketing activities.

They are perfect for spaces where people must see themselves, such as dressing rooms and restrooms in restaurants and hotels.

Our services for Digital Signage professionals in UAE

Our extensive technical knowledge and ability to customize directly from our factory make us a team of experts developing the most innovative Digital Signage projects in UEA.

We fully understand all the technical aspects of LCD screens. We can deal with any customization and provide all the support our clients need to install advertising and Digital Signage.

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