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The ultimate Perimeter LED Screen project in Spain

perimeter led screen project in spain

We present you a customization project direct from our factory. This perimeter LED screen is specially designed for football, volleyball and basketball sports matches.

This project was developed by one of the pioneering companies and most important players in Spain in the Digital Signage business focused on sports broadcasting. Our client asked us for display manufacturing focused on the perimeter LED display rental business.

These modifications the client himself has made on their screens over the years by making hundreds of sports broadcasts. With this in mind, we develop from scratch this new project, applying these improvements and modifications, building the ultimate Perimeter LED Screen.


perimeter led screen project in soccer match
perimeter led screen project in soccer match

What was the challenge for the engineers to design this Perimeter LED Screen? 

A Perimeter LED Display multipurpose

Thanks to the experience of this client, the first requirement was to build a screen with precisely defined adjustable heights and angles for the correct viewing of the public in Basketball and Soccer matches and other sports.

Modifying the angle adjustment mechanism of the LED display will allow for faster installation and fewer people involved.

Reinforced Perimeter LED Screen for contact with players

This was one of the most interesting challenges of the project.

Due to previous customer experiences with other perimeter LED screens with damage to their structure from blows or from the weight of the players celebrating their goals, we make design modifications that reinforce key components of the structure.

Detail of the changes made on the Perimeter LED Display

  • Reinforcement of the protective mask of the LEDs that adds a few millimeters every 3 LED strips, protecting from shocks without affecting the correct display.
  • Protection rubbers in the upper part, increasing its size and thickness of what is defined by regulations and that increases the protection of athletes as well as the electronics of the perimeter LED screens.
  • Positioning of the internal electronics, where all the internal electronics are lowered to the bottom. This mod reduces the chance of being hit.
  • Redesign of the internal wiring of the screen, reducing moving components and adjusting to the new design of the electronics.
  • Customization of the cooling system and temperature control increasing in the maximum working range for the temperatures of the mediterranean summer.


perimeter led screen project blueprint
perimeter led screen project blueprint

Our engineers made the ultimate Perimeter LED Screen?

With our client we are sure that we have manufactured a high performance LED screen, improving what was already a top quality product.

We understood the needs of the business after years of experience. A very important LED screen footage as well as dozens of cabinets were manufactured, imported, delivered to their warehouse in Madrid, Spain. We achieved the definitive perimeter LED screen.

All the commercial and technical support for your Digital Signage project in UAE.

With ENO we are committed to our clients. LED screens created in our factory in Shenzhen, with a high-quality logistics process and local technical support. We help our clients with their most demanding digital signage projects in the UAE market.

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Improvements in external protection for the safety of soccer, volleyball or basketball players. Improvements to cabinets joints to reduce installation times. Improvement in the protection of the LED strips for a better visualization by the public in the stadiums, improvements in the cooling system and the interior electronics for better protection of the perimeter LED screen.

We stock hundreds of meters of LED modules and modified cabinets for stadium and sporting event LED display rental businesses throughout the UAE. (Digital Advertising Display Screen In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah). ENO and its sister company EUNO in Spain successfully completed this project for RomaScreen Spain.