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ENO is the leading manufacturer of interactive digital kiosks based in Dubai specializing in professional DOOH advertising.

ENO’s digital kiosks have the slimmest and most stylish designs available on the market. Take advantage of the best prices for DOOH advertising management. ENO Digital Signage is a leading manufacturer/supplier company of interactive digital kiosks in the United Arab Emirates.

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Wide range Portfolio of retail Digital Kiosk with the best price.

Digital advertising kiosk with high quality interactive LCD display board, professional audio in Full HD and 4K resolution.

From 32” to the incredible 98” with high and ultra-high brightness in Indoor and Outdoor versions with IP65 protection and Anti-vandalic structure.

Working time 24/, up to 60,000h lifetime is the most advanced Digital Kiosk for retail and digital signage.

Ultra high brightness LCD with ambient light sensor, up to 4.000 nits.

You will have local support and warranty throughout the Middle East.

World class design and advanced technology for interactive digital kiosks

Create points of interaction in stores, retail and commercial exhibitions thanks to ENO’s digital kiosks. High-tech sensors, protection against all types of weather conditions, interactivity and connectivity are part of the technical characteristics of our Digital and Interactive Kiosks, at a very competitive cost.

Our kiosks are easy to install and manage from the cloud.

A sophisticated design for indoor kiosks or an industrial type structure and high brightness LCD panel for outdoor kiosks, which will attract the attention of all people in any type of business and space.

Digital Kiosks in both indoor and outdoor versions

An Interactive Digital Kiosk is perfect for retail and hospitality business, lobbies, trade shows and department stores.

The outdoor version of the kiosks is 100% protected with a high quality IP65 anti-vandalism professional insulation system, completely protected against the most adverse weather conditions.

The freestanding kiosk in vertical or horizontal orientation adapts to the communication needs of your company with the best cost/benefit ratio.

Outdoor Digital Kiosk

ENO Digital Signage offers a diverse variety of models available in a range of Free-Standing Kioskincluding stores, and public displays.

Indoor Digital Kiosk

ENO Digital Signage offers a diverse variety of models available in a range of Free-Standing Kiosk including stores, and public displays.

The ultimate Perimeter LED Screen project in Spain

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