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3 Video trends that will innovate your clients’ digital signage projects in 2023

September 7, 2022

3 Video trends that will innovate your clients’ digital signage projects in 2023

Digital signage evolves. Marketing and video are now more critical as they are crucial elements for the communication strategy of brands.

Trend-setting information in marketing uses videos more and more frequently. From traditional advertising to TikTok videos, digital signage experts recognise content’s importance in achieving goals. 

video trends 2023

These are some essential data to prioritise the production of video content.

  • On average, a person watches more than 100 minutes of video content daily.
  • 93% of users prefer viewing video content about a product before buying it.
  • 86% of companies use video content to support sales in their strategies.

Knowing the latest trends in the video will allow Digital Signage professionals to more efficiently adapt to their customers’ presence at points of sale.

What are the video trends for the year 2023?

Brand experience with content in augmented reality

This is a technology that, although it has been available for several years, thanks to the reduction in production costs, digital signage companies such as ENO and hundreds of brands are beginning to use technology to create immersive experiences with a commercial approach.

We will see more retail stores with these technologies in stores and malls.

Products such as LCD Mirror Screens and LCD Transparent touchscreens bring experiences that can generate new augmented reality experiences. 

What ideas come to your mind thanks to these two technologies?

Instagram, TikTok and vertical videos

What if you implement user-generated content on your vertical screens and digital kiosks? Use Hashtags and create interactions and contests where you can see your customers’ participation in real-time.

Interactive Videos. What story do you want to tell?

Giving users the ability to interact with content also allows them to discover unique stories and experiences in each case. The feeling of discovery in brand experiences may be possible if we create content that gives users interactivity options.

How not to remember a good brand story that surprises its customers?

LCD transparent video trends 2023

Video trends for 2023 and the importance of bringing them to your business.

The clarity of how LCD and LED advertising screens work will allow you as a digital signage professional to make decisions to create projects that add real value to your clients.

Creating a better shopping experience through content thanks to the fact that the information is dynamic and attractive will improve the chances of conversion.

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