Flexible LED screen

Key Features

Pitch: P4/8mm, P5/10mm, P6/6mm, P6.5/6.5mm, P8/8mm
480 mm comprehensive modules in various heights.
Transparency is between 50% to 70% for the passage of sunlight.
Weight: up to 3.5kg x m2 in 3 millimeters thickness.
1920 Hz refresh rate.
The brightness of 5000 CD/mts2
100,000-hour lifespan.
IP45 protection.

Boasting detailed color and super contrast, ENO Digital Signage’s thin Flexible LED screen series brings content to life through freedom of design, giving it an outstanding presence as a work of media art. The crystal clarity of ENO Digital Signage flexible LED curtain can renovate any space with its vibrant display and impressive views from every angle to deliver a memorable visual experience.

Realism Through Lifelike Colors

The ENO Digital Signage’s flexible LED curtain delivers vivid and distinctive picture quality through a wide range of color details with deep contrast thanks to our Different Pixel Pitch approach. Experience the most dynamic possibilities of bringing your content to life and sharing more immersive moments with the ultimate, true-to-life image quality. ENO Digital Signage’s thin flexible LED screen display is designed to transform any visual content into an extraordinary experience with a true curved-shape viewing and a sleek screen design.

Our Flexible LED screen are special for:

Digital window dressing

With innovative and organic window dressing designs, they will now be able to carry dynamic content on their windows, both standard and curved, thanks to the characteristics of this screen.

This transparent LED display will also save your installation and transportation costs.

Artistic and architectural installations in Interiors

Now you can make a cutting-edge and innovative design in virtually any space, wall or window, both standard and curved, in which the surface behind the screen is still visible. The screen is practically invisible to the human eye.

Its flexibility and weight will make any place dynamic and avant-garde.

Our services for Digital Signage professionals in UAE

Our extensive technological knowledge and our ability to customize directly from our factory, makes us a team of experts that develops the most innovative Digital Signage projects in UEA.

We fully understand all the technical aspects of LED screens and we have the ability to deal with any customization and provide all the support that our clients need in the installation for advertising and Digital Signage. We are able to bring to your business all types of indoor LED screens, including high resolution LED screens for TV broadcasting, theaters and stages.

Image gallery

Sunway Restaurant Warsan Souq Dubai
September 9, 2022
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
September 9, 2022
Switzerland Pavillion EXPO 2020
September 9, 2022
HuaWei Store the Dubal Mall
September 9, 2022