Indoor LED Screen

Key Features

Active LED Display
Ultra HD & Bezel-less Screen
4k Video Wall Panel
Customizable Screen Size
Up to 11 Years Working Life
High Refresh Rate
Hassle-free Installation & Maintenance

ENO Digital Signage’s LED screen, with high-quality pixels and pure black innovation technology, elevates indoor environments with brilliant images, deep contrast ratio, captivating brightness, precise colour, and flexible modular design.

Pioneering Next-Gen audience engagement with active LED screen for advertising indoor solutions.

With best-in-class picture quality, 100.000 hours working life, and exceptional durability, ENO Digital Signage’s LED screen indoor elevates the traditional viewing experience.

With a bezel-less screen and ultra HD display, the intensity of their images seamlessly blends into the built environment around them, enabling businesses to deliver the content that engages, informs, and entertains. All at the same time.

Our services for LED screen professionals in UAE

Our extensive technological knowledge and our ability to customize LED screens directly from our factory, makes us a team of experts that develops the most innovative Digital Signage projects in UEA.

We fully understand all the technical aspects of LED screens and we have the ability to deal with any customization and provide all the support that our clients need in the installation of LED screens for advertising and Digital Signage.

We are able to bring to your business all types of LED screen indoor, including high resolution LED screen for TV broadcasting, theatres and stages.

Aplicación en Industrias

Our LED screen are special for:

LED screen for hotels and restaurants

It is a trend that LED screens are always present in hotels and restaurants as part of the setting.

Spectacular screens that welcome tourists from all over the world, show performance or a visual communication in a convention center.

LED screen for Innovation in public communication.

Digital signage projects in public spaces such as museums, sports fields and places of public interest can now be part of the global trend of the most innovative cities in the world.

Use our LED screens to communicate with the highest technology, local support and trust our global experience.

LED screen for architectural design.

More and more in the architecture business, the most innovative projects always have the presence of an LED screen in key places that gives a touch of technology and avant-garde to the most emblematic buildings.

LED Screen Configurations

  • Pitch: P0.9, P1.86, P2, P2,5, P3, P4, P5.
  • Fixed installation with custom structure or aluminum cabinets 
  • Rear or Front Maintenance with door.
  • Installation with screws or magnets
  • With Sending Card of physical connection with PCs or with Cloud administration tool.
  • 1,920Hz or 3,840Hz refresh rate (4K).

Image gallery

Sunway Restaurant Warsan Souq Dubai
September 9, 2022
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
September 9, 2022
Switzerland Pavillion EXPO 2020
September 9, 2022
HuaWei Store the Dubal Mall
September 9, 2022