Key Features

IP rating: IP30 special for indoor Digital Signage.
2K and 4K resolutions are possible when connecting 10 -16 units with a video processor.
With Wi-Fi & HDMI & USB connection.
Multimedia playback and connection with PC and Android devices.
Support 3G/4G (Optional).
8 GB of internal memory.

MUPI LED screen works like a Digital Kiosk in LED bulbs with its electronics, but it can be connected with up to 15 other screens with the same characteristics to create a giant LED screen.

Our MUPI LED screen combines many of the best qualities of a professional LED screen: it is innovative, elegant, versatile, and portable.

This innovative display can achieve resolutions up to 4K by connecting 16 units.

MUPI LED screen- Audiovisual projects.

MUPI LED display is the most versatile display you can find in the middle east market. This innovative LED screen will allow any business to adapt quickly to any space or type of event.

Audiovisual projects in fashion stores.

Stores are the ideal place for the MUPI LED display. Its design allows various ways to complement design easily. The best video technology that improves the customer’s shopping experience.

Digital Signage in Trade shows and exhibitions

Fashion stores are the ideal place for the MUPI LED display. Its design allows several ways to be installed easily.

What happens if you have an event or a new line launch? You can create a single giant LED screen for the fashion show.

Digital signage luxury stores.

The most prestigious products need the best communication. The quality and exclusivity of the best LED screens are what we can deliver with this new MUPI LED Screen and its versatility in any space.

MUPI LED Screen – Technical characteristics

  • The entire LED screen and structure are 20 mm thick.
  • It can be installed both horizontally and vertically.
  • It is manufactured in wall, ceiling or fixed base versions with wheels.
  • The weight per unit is 50 kg.
  • Quick maintenance front access system.
  • Each unit has its electronics with Colorlight C4 technology.
  • Serial connection ports for up to 16 displays.
  • Plug & Play: It is ready to play video.
  • Available in resolutions of P2mm, P2.5mm and P3mm.


What is the difference between these LED and aluminium cabinet screens for events?
  • One of the advantages of the MUPI LED screen is its quick assembly, and it is a product designed to be versatile both in shop windows and at events.
  • The first difference is that each piece comes ready-to-play video thanks to its NovaStar technology.
  • The second difference is that although they can be connected horizontally, MUPI LED displays cannot be stacked vertically like event display cabinets designed for that purpose.

Image gallery

Sunway Restaurant Warsan Souq Dubai
September 9, 2022
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
September 9, 2022
Switzerland Pavillion EXPO 2020
September 9, 2022
HuaWei Store the Dubal Mall
September 9, 2022