Transparent LED Screen (Indoor & Outdoor)

Key Features

Ultra-thin and light design. It is made of die-cast aluminium, weighing only 10 kg/m2.
The SMD LED package (3 LEDs - RGB - in 1) offers wider viewing angles and better viewing at close distances of up to 120 degrees.
On the LED screen designed for indoor work, brightness starts at 1,500 nits and goes up to an impressive 6,000 nits.
People inside buildings with a transparent LED screen can enjoy a pleasant external filter that reduces sunlight by between 45% and 75% in the most stylized module versions.
In outdoor design, brightness starts at 3,000 nits and goes up to 6,500 nits with IP65 protection.
Advanced video processing produces sharp, detailed images with smooth motion reproduction from a refresh rate of 1,920 Hz and up to 3,460 Hz
High Contrast up to 5000:1 Pure Black - High grey level, 14-16 bit depth of grey levels.
Full factory calibration ensures consistent display upon installation.
Its lifespan is up to 100,000 hours.
It can stay on 24 hours a day.
It has IP65 and IP54 protection.

With our transparent LED screen, we turn any window into a large advertising display without hiding the interior of a store, restaurant or hotel, among many other applications.

Products in the shop window will be seen while content continues attracting the attention of those who pass in front.

Our new Transparent LED Screen makes it a perfect Advertising Screen for product sales and hospitality businesses. This screen will be the most critical part of the company’s communication strategies.

Our Transparent LED screen is unique for:

Shopping centres and stores.

Our screens have a modular structure that allows all types of businesses to present their advertising campaigns on a giant screen without eliminating the light that enters through the store windows.

The transparency of our LED screen does not block the passage of natural light and creates a more open environment without visual barriers for visitors.

Transparent led screens are the perfect solution for an advertising LED screen. It is innovative and original.

Our services for Digital Signage professionals in UAE

Our extensive technical knowledge and ability to customize directly from our factory make us a team of experts developing the most innovative Digital Signage projects in UEA.

We fully understand all the technical aspects of LED screens. We can deal with any customization and provide all the support our clients need to install advertising and Digital Signage. We can bring all indoor LED screens to your business, including high-resolution LED screens for TV broadcasting, theatres and stages.

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Sunway Restaurant Warsan Souq Dubai
September 9, 2022
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
September 9, 2022
Switzerland Pavillion EXPO 2020
September 9, 2022
HuaWei Store the Dubal Mall
September 9, 2022