Transparent LED Screen

Key Features

Different Size Variations
Wallpaper-Thin & Extremely Light
Lifelike Colors
Stunning Resolution
Smart Content Selection
Extra Image Depth & Realism

Flip your Idea of a Standard Digital Signage

Say goodbye to unwieldy digital signs, traditional signage, and small LED screens. Say hello to the ENO Digital Signage Transparent LED Display. With the best-in-class picture quality and exceptional durability, transform your business and experience a new level of creativity.

A New Level of Curved Transparent LED

ENO Digital Signage takes display technology to the next level, beyond LCD’s and traditional signage with a transparent LED screen that delivers a revolutionary viewing experience with true colours and epic clarity.

Unrivalled Picture Quality

ENO Digital Signage’s clear video wall technology, featuring self-lightning pixels, maintains accurate and vivid colours even when the display becomes transparent. It brings content to life, making it difficult for people to separate real-life objects placed behind the screen with content.

Image gallery

The ultimate Perimeter LED Screen project in Spain