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ENO is the LED Display and LED Screen Manufacturer based in Dubai specialized in professional DOOH advertising.

Turnkey service in DOOH advertising management services. ENO Digital Signage as one of the leading providers of LED Displays, brings the best technology, high quality service and support throughout the United Arab Emirates.

LED Screen

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Wide range Portfolio of LED Signage and Video Wall

With over 10 years of global experience and a successful history in developing digital signage technology and new products, we at ENO are committed to creating award-winning DOOH projects and messages with high impact and innovation.

We work on the needs of each of our clients and support their entire process for the successful delivery of Digital Signage projects with LED Screens.

We customize our technology directly in the factory, with the best cost/benefit ratio in the Middle East market and especially in the United Arab Emirates, with local support and a showroom in Dubai.

Visual projects in events and exhibitions and more.

Whatever digital content project you want to develop, ENO LED screens can be integrated into professional communication projects in Shopping Malls, Sports Stadiums, Motorway Service Areas, Exhibitions, Digital Billboards Entertainment & Events.

Our highly qualified team allows ENO to be at the forefront and create products and services to meet the needs of our customers in an evergreen industry.

Irregular and Circular LED screens

Elevate your visual displays with our Circular LED Screen. Captivate your audience with innovative designs and captivating content.

LED Screens for Events and Rental: Enhancing Visual Impact

Discover the best LED screens for events and rental. High-quality, versatile, and visually captivating. Elevate your events with ENO Digital Signage.

Modular LED screen

ENO’s modular LED screen offers the Dubai, UAE markets a highly versatile display solution assembled with various sizes of aluminium die-cut cabinets.

Flexible LED screen

ENO Digital Signage – Premium Fine-pitch Flexible LED Display


The MUPI LED screen works like a Digital Kiosk in LED bulbs, and it can be connected with up to 15 other screens to create a giant LED screen.

Transparent LED Screen

With our transparent LED screen, we turn any window into a large advertising display without hiding the interior of a store, restaurant or hotel, among many other applications.

Indoor LED Screen

ENO Digital Signage’s LED screen with high quality pixel technology and pure black, elevates indoor environments with brilliant image, deep contrast ratio,

Outdoor LED Screen

Redefine your space with ENO Digital Signage Outdoor LED screen. Enrich the customer experience with superior picture quality and best-in-class reliability.

Technical characteristics of professional LED screens for Digital Signage in the UAE.

  • Anti-interference: Our LED screens have a special electromagnetic interference-proof function that protects the most sensitive electronic components.
  • Easy installation: Our LED screens have three installation systems depending on the type of cabinet. From magnetic or screw fixing to 20-second quick-closing on aluminum cabinets.
  • High precision: Splicing of the LED bulb strips without gap and with perfect synchronization using CNC machines. 
  • Easy maintenance: Our screens are enabled so that their LED modules can be removed from the cabinet from the front or rear side, for both interior and exterior installations.
  • Better Viewing: SMD LED package (3 RGB LEDs in 1) offers wide viewing angles at close distances, enhancing content viewing. Especially at events and trade shows.
  • Advanced sharpness: Our advanced technology in video electronics makes images sharp and detailed. This creates better contrast and smoother video movements.
  • High refresh rate: With up to 3,840 Hz* refresh rate, our LED screens reproduce video that is perfect for broadcasting sporting events, concerts, and television sets.
  • Factory quality: Full factory calibration ensures a consistent display at the end of the project.
  • Advanced administration: All our screens have a Sending Box for local or cloud content management.
  • Fast Cooling: Excellent heat dissipation to help protect internal electronics.

Frequently Asked Questions of LCD Advertising Screen

Can LED screens be used in outdoor places?

Can I update the contents of my clients from the internet?

  • YES, you can manage the contents of your clients’ LED screens from a native application in Colorlight and NovaStar Sending Cards. Ensure they are connected to a Wi-Fi or 4G data network.
  • Desde esta aplición usted también podrá conocer el estado de actividad de las pantallas LED y programar su horario presentación de contenidos.
  • Funcionalidad especial para centro comerciales, tiendas de cadena y otras activiades comerciales.

Video Wall – Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer)

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