Flexible LED Display

ENO Digital Signage - Premium Fine-pitch Flexible LED Display

Boasting detailed colour and super contrast, ENO Digital Signage's thin Flexible LED screen series brings content to life through freedom of design, giving it an outstanding presence as a work of media art. The crystal clarity of ENO Digital Signage flexible LED curtain can renovate any space with its vibrant display and impressive views from every angle to deliver a memorable visual experience.

Realism Through Lifelike Colours

The ENO Digital Signage's flexible LED curtain delivers vivid and distinctive picture quality through a wide range of colour details with deep contrast thanks to our Different Pixel Pitch approach. Experience the most dynamic possibilities of bringing your content to life and sharing more immersive moments with the ultimate, true-to-life image quality. ENO Digital Signage's thin flexible LED screen display is designed to transform any visual content into an extraordinary experience with a true curved-shape viewing and a sleek screen design.

Key features:-
  • Shapeable, Ultra HD Screen
  • Water and Dust Resistant with IP65
  • Up to 5000 NITS Brightness
  • Customizable Size Variations
  • Up to 11 Years Working Life
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Multiple Installation Structure for Every Site,
  • Different Pixel Pitch
  • img
    Ultra 4K & 2K
  • img
    8 Million pixels
  • img
    1.2 & 1.4 HDMI
  • img
    2nd Generation