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LCD Video Wall

LCD Video Wall

As a retailer, you are always seeking innovative ways to engage with your existing as well as potential customers with the objective of them being a loyal and regular buyer. An LCD video wall is an excellent customer engagement strategy where online on-premise and on-mobile retail experiences are delivered.

See your message displayed bold, bright and big. Digital Signage’s LCD video wall systems are an ideal solution for a demanding space-constrained control room. LCD video wall systems with a seamless gap, displaying your content crystal-clear in terms of colour, quality, and in full resolution. Built with high quality and incredible colour depth and contrast, Digital Signage delivers the best LCD video wall solutions available in High Definition Resolution and in different panel sizes. Get the best viewing experience of a stable working statue with our industrial LCD panel imported from Samsung and LG, that supports 24*7 working hours.

Key features:-

  • 4K Video Wall Resolution
  • 0.88mm seamless screens
  • 24*7 working hours
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • High Resolution
  • Super Flexible LCD video wall controller to all kinds of installation environment
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