Transparent Display

A whole new dimension to digital signage! Transform your business and experience a new level of creativity with ENO Digital Signage's transparent LCD glass panel signage. A new level of see-through paper view. ENO Digital Signage's transparent touch screen irradiates spaces that used to be hidden behind the display, perfectly harmonizing with its surroundings.

Bring Colours To Life

With exceptional picture quality, ENO Digital Signage's transparent LED display, featuring self-lighting pixels, maintains accurate and vivid colours even when the digital display becomes transparent. Transparent touch screen signage brings content to life by blending digital content with real objects when positioned together. These see-through digital signage’s turn static and traditional signage areas into open and interactive spaces.

Key features:-
  • Wallpaper-Thin & Extremely Light
  • Lifelike Colors
  • Stunning Resolution
  • Smart Content Selection
  • Extra Image Depth & Realism
  • Transparent Touch Screen
  • LCD Glass Panel
  • img
    Ultra 4K & 2K
  • img
    8 Million pixels
  • img
    1.2 & 1.4 HDMI
  • img
    2nd Generation