Round LCD Advertising

Key Features

Size: 23.6inch/663mm-diameter/45.7mm thickness
Environment: Indoor
Operation System: Android 7.0 RK3288 2GB+16GB
Installation Mode: Wall mounting/Ceiling
Content Management: USB plug/software LAN/Cloud

ENO Digital Signage brings innovation to the UAE market with LCD advertising displays. A perfectly round LCD screen that will definitely catch the attention of your customers.

This new LCD Advertising Screen will give a touch of distinction and good taste to your brand content, interactive logos and many other innovative videos. Install multiple round screens and create a unique visual ensemble.

Professional brightness on a round advertising screen.

Thanks to its high-end 848px X 848px LCD panel, this display can achieve 700 nits brightness in indoor environments such as restaurants, boutiques, and hotels.

Create spaces where style and movement are part of the decoration of the place.

Its size makes it very easy to install. At 66cm in diameter and just 4.5cm thick, this LCD screen will add depth to the smallest spaces, opening up many other possibilities for interior designers.

Android system and Content Management.

Install your own apps thanks to the Android version 7.0 system. You can install your own app or manage content via USB plug or Internet LAN / Cloud. Also connect the new Round LCD Screen via HDMI or VGA to display video from a PC or other device.

Unlimited creativity thanks to the features of this new advertising screen.

Round LCD Advertising Screens for different types of business.

Round LCD Advertising Screen for Boutiques.

This type of exclusive stores can now place the round LCD advertising screen and look great with the decoration thanks to its stylized design.

These screens can be better placed in spaces that were not available for screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio and accompany the launch of new collections with style and amazing content.

Round LCD Advertising Screen for Hospitality Industry.

You will design special spaces in hotels with the best style. Now hotel visitors will be able to complement their experience with video and sound in every corner, both in private and transit areas.

Round LCD Advertising Screen for Restaurants.

Synchronize and manage the digital signage of a restaurant with this new screen. You will be able to show new dishes on the menu or simply have a very dynamic place in the interior decoration.

Create marketing actions in which the social content of visitors is perfectly displayed on these circular screens.

What operating system is coming with the screen?

We are offering both Android as built-in OS in our Round LCD Displays.

Does it come with any Content Management Software?

Yes, we offer Content Management Software (CMS) with all our screens.

Can the software centrally control all screens from different locations?

Yes, we are offering a lifetime cloud license with our software, if you have a network connection as for the screens.

I have my own media player. Can it work with your screens?

Yes, we can offer the display with HDMI input from any media resource in our LCD Screens.

Does your screen support 4K resolution?

Yes, 4K resolution is available. Please, make the requirement when placing the order on this new product.

Does your software support automatically loop playing?

Yes, all contents can be automatically loop playing, whenever you power on/off the LCD screens.

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