Outdoor LED Screen

Key Features

Ultra HD
Water and Dust Resistant with IP65 / IP68
Up to 10.000 NITS Brightness
Customizable Size Variations
Up to 11 Years Working Life
High Refresh Rate
Multiple Installation Structure for Every Site, Different Pixel Pitch

Redefine your space with ENO Digital Signage Outdoor LED screen. Enrich the customer experience with superior picture quality and best-in-class reliability. ENO Digital Signage offers a diverse variety of models available in a range of Outdoor LED Screen for advertising including stadiums, building facades, Malls and public displays.

Manufacturers and suppliers of Outdoor LED screen

With the most advanced protection technology (IP65 or IP68) for digital signage projects throughout the UAE. Screens with up to 10,000 nits of brightness and the technology to withstand the most demanding environments.

High resolution outdoor LED screens. Drive your content up to incredible 4K resolution.

Now you can create communication projects for your clients in the most demanding environments. Brightness and movement to building facades and shopping center windows where sunlight does not allow standard screens to show their contents.

With high resolution, the outdoor LED display has a viewing range from more than 100 meters to a minimum distance of 2 meters thanks to the smallest pixels starting from P2.5. Shop windows and building facades can now have outdoor LED screens where people walk without affecting the image or the LED bulbs being visible.

Protection with the highest resistance in the most demanding environments of the UAE for Outdoor LED screens

In all of the United Arab Emirates we have extreme conditions when we talk about outdoor environments. The heat of the day, the powerful brightness of the sun, the cold of the night and the dust of the desert. All the variables we have learned to master.

Outdoor LED screens are no exception. With advanced protection of LED bulbs, professional cooling systems, electronics with IP65 protection highly resistant to heat and dust and an advanced shock protection system, make outdoor LED screens the definitive answer when We talk about digital signage in outdoor environments.

What about digital content when we need an outdoor LED screen under the strongest sunlight?

Our Outdoor LED Screens have the possibility of reaching up to 10,000 Lumens, providing extreme brightness in the most demanding environments. Our Outdoor LED Screens are designed to work across United Arab Emirates in extreme conditions without air conditioning or external cooling requirements.

It is also important to understand that these screens have an intelligent power consumption system and automatically adjust at night, always looking to protect users and also reduce power consumption.

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FAQ - Outdoor LED Screen

What is an LED screen?

The main characteristic of the LED screen is that the lighting system is created with LED bulbs that emit light and are synchronized to give the effect of a video screen. These bulbs are grouped in modules that facilitate their installation and maintenance. If a module needs to be replaced, it can be easily uninstalled from the screen.

Outdoor LED screens are used both as advertising and informative screens, creating giant LED screens with iron structures or being installed in cabinets of different sizes to facilitate their installation and maintenance.

What are the differences between LED screens and LCD advertising screens?

The main difference between these two type of screens is their technology. Outdoor LED screens use light bulbs as a light source, while LCD technology screens use a layer of liquid crystal that can improve their resolution, but only reach 98 inches total size.

What are the components of an Outdoor LED screen?

The components of LED screens are diverse and you can also add accessories according to how you need them to be installed, but here we will talk about the electronic components of LED screens.

LED modules with different sizes.
Cabinets are made in iron or aluminum.
Power supply
Sending card (it is an accessory and is not inside the screen)
Receiving card
Internal wires

How to choose the correct pixel size available for outdoor LED screens?

It will depend on different factors. First, is the viewing distance. Farther the screen is from people, less resolution is needed.
Brightness is an important factor too. If the screen needs a high brightness, it means that it needs bigger bulbs and less resolution.

The best test you can do is determine how far away you will be in public and test one of our screens until you can no longer see the gap between the LED bulbs.

What is the difference between outdoor led display and indoor led display?

The first difference is that the outdoor LED screen has a special protection against humidity, water and dust that isolates all the electronic components both outside and inside.

You can even get screens that can be submerged in water or a heavy sandstorm with the IP68 protection.

How to select the brightness in an outdoor LED screen?

Too easy. For an outdoor LED screen, what you should mainly keep in mind is the position against natural light or in the most extreme case, if the sunlight hits it directly at any time of the day.

In the outdoor LED screen, to see the content with natural light, the brightness starts at about 4,500 nits. When sunlight is directly on the LED screen in the daytime, brightness up to 6,500 nits is required.

If you need more than that brightness and the screen is exposed all day in the hot summer sun, an extreme brightness screen that goes up to 10,000 nits can be installed.

Is it correct to install an outdoor LED screen in a shop window?

The truth is that it is not such a good idea to buy an outdoor LED screen for an indoor area with a view of the street, since you will pay extra money for protection against the elements that are not needed.
You should look for an indoor display that also has high-brightness bulbs that can easily reach 6,500 nits without overpaying.

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