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We are manufacturers of indoor digital interactive kiosks with the best image quality in FullHD or 4K and the most stylish design on the market.

Key Features

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The ultra-slim design of the Digital interactive kiosk is the perfect and most popular product for digital signage in the United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East.

With the best quality image in Full HD or 4K, powerful speakers, incomparable brightness and more vivid colours, the Indoor Digital Kiosk offers our customers a high-tech experience in design, style and quality.

At ENO, we have developed a Digital Signage Kiosk that we can customize to the smallest detail. It is one of the most demanded products in advertising communication.

Our Indoor interactive kiosks are ideal for high-traffic areas as they offer a bezel-less screen with professional colour and brightness.

This advertising kiosk is a channel to communicate campaigns and content of interest to customers of all types of businesses.

You can use its connectivity and remotely manage your content in the cloud with a lifetime license.

Our Kiosk can be interactive, with a high-precision 10-point LCD touch screen.

At ENO Digital Signage Manufacturer, we manufacture and distribute digital Digital Interactive Kiosks for the digital signage professional market.

Both indoor and outdoor kiosks bring the most dynamic and interactive experiences in stores, shopping centres, exhibition fairs, pharmacies, town halls, and many other spaces.

With touchscreen technology, in Windows and Android versions, up to 75 inches. It can even use the most potent screens with a brightness of up to 4.000 nits outdoors with direct sunlight.

Projects for Indoor digital interactive Kiosks

The Indoor Advertising Kiosk, with its excellent design, lets plug-and-play installation in:

Digital Signage in Shopping Centers, fairs and exhibitions.

Digital signage in shopping centres through this indoor Kiosk allows customers to be impacted with high-quality content on big screens without bezels.

In addition, you will be able to show high-quality videos with professional screens in Full HD and 4K technologies connected to the cloud for efficient content management.

Digital Communication in Pharmacies, Opticians, Gyms and more.

Businesses with 24/7 digital communication needs, such as opticians, pharmacies or gyms, can create content for their public sales strategies.

Create a content schedule from the management software and, thanks to the Wi-Fi/LAN or 4G connection, remotely manage the indoor advertising kiosk.

Indoor Advertising Kiosk Versions

  • Standard: 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″ y 96″
  •  TouchScreen: 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″ y 65″
  •  Brightness: 450 nits and 700 nits
  •  Resolution Full HD or 4K

This configuration will protect the electronics against the most common damage, even under extreme conditions.

Develop apps or use your software thanks to Android technology. You can program content, auto-turn off and on, and activate more widgets to extend performance and functionality.

Interactive Kiosk
Interactive Kiosk

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Key Features

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FAQ - Digital Interactive Kiosk

How can retail businesses take advantage of an indoor advertising kiosk?

Thanks to its easy installation and administration, front-line businesses of all sizes can create campaigns at their points of sale and surprise their potential customers.

Can I create content with sound when using a digital kiosk?

Yes! The indoor advertising kiosk becomes an excellent audiovisual solution thanks to its loudspeakers. Commercial spaces will have a dynamic point of attention where you can promote your most popular products and services.

Can I program the automatic switch on and off?

With a native app, you can turn on, turn off, and schedule client videos.

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